Podio – Slybroadcast Integration

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In this project, Client asked that he wants to send follow up VoiceMail to his clients as we have done for Mail and SMS followup. So I created the flow and done it via calling Slybroadcast API.

Related to the API

  • All requests must be submitted as a form using the POST method to https://www.mobile-sphere.com/gateway/slyi.php
  • c_uid, c_password, c_phone, c_url or c_record_audio, c_date are required fields
  • API will return the following data if a campaign is successfully received.
    • OK
      Number of Phone #s = 1

You can get the idea of the working system by viewing below video and images that how to configure the app and flow and also how does it work.

You can contact me or make a comment down below in case you have any doubt.

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