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If you have a Real Estate business, that I think you already know Zillow plays an important role in it. Those who don’t know, in summary, we can say that Zillow is a service that helps you provide information about a property like last sold date, sold price, zestimate value, bedrooms, bathrooms, sqft and much more information. I think all the REI uses this tool as its easy to use and gives valuable information about a property. For that, you need nothing but just a Zillow account and there you will get the ZW-SID (a unique Zillow ID that uses to call the API’s). That’s all.


We can integrate Zillow with the application’s by calling their API’s with ZW-SID. To integrate Zillow with Podio I have made a flow inside Globiflow that calls the Zillow API and gets the response from there and then parses the data and saves it to the respective fields of the Podio app.

In below images you can see the way of calling their API’s and how can we save the response to our Podio app fields. You can also watch the video that shows how does the flow work, and on what event you can call the API’s, how can we parse the data from the response and things like that.

Do let me know if you want a system like this OR if you have any doubt related to it. I would be more than happy to assist you.

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