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In this project, the Client was able to generate Contracts and send to his end Clients via Email but he was looking for a way that somehow he could send that contracts to their end Clients and they could just easily sign it by their devices(desktop or phone) and once the document gets signed, the admin get the notification that person has signed the document. Then I came up with this plan, RIGHT SIGNATURE INTEGRATION.

What does it offer?

In this integration, you can

  • Globiflow provides the integration
  • Choose how many parties should sign the document
  • It follows the sequence that who will sign the document and when. First user A will sign, when he signs it then it goes to user B and when he signs it then it goes to user C and when the last user signs the document it goes back to admin that all parties have signed the document
  • In case you want any input at the time the user signs it, then you can use tags also. They are like radio button, checkbox, input box etc

Please watch the below video and images. The video has the working flow of how it works. You can contact me or make a comment down below in case you have any doubt.

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