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In Real Estate Business, sending the contracts to your clients on their Email ID’s is a modern way but still, people also like to get the hard copy of the contracts to their actual physical address. To achieve it, a person always has to take out the print out of that contract and then manually send it to the client’s physical address by some Mailing Service (by the way that’s the traditional way). Lob¬†is a service that helps you automate all that process.


What does Lob do?

Lob helps you to send the contract or document to your client’s physical address on the go and it’s cheaper + easy to configure and use. Today we will see a working example of it with Podio.


I used Zapier in order to connect Podio with Lob. While configuring the zap, you need to pull the address (where you want to send the contract) from Podio and then set the sender information (who is sending the contract) and that’s it. It’s so simple to configure. While you are in the development phase, till that time you can set the Lob Environment to Test¬†and once you are done with everything you can set the Environment to Live.



In the below images and video you can see how we can configure Podio, Lob, and Zapier in order to make it work.

Do let me know if you want a system like this OR if you have any doubt related to it. I would be more than happy to assist you.

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